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Ho Chi Minh City’s new Landmark 81 is the world’s 14th tallest tower and a symbol of Vietnam’s reach for the sky. Now you, as an elite athlete, can experience the magic of reaching those great heights in Vietnam too, in a unique and thrilling way that will challenge your fitness and resolve like never before.

Landmark 81’s inaugural Race To The Summit is the latest addition to the Vertical World Circuit endorsed by the International Sky running Federation. Ho Chi Minh City joins just 10 other iconic cities and landmarks around the world, like New York City, London, Paris and Hong Kong, as sanctioned vertical run destinations.

Experience the magic that 100,000 runners from around the world have felt before you when they’ve reached the summit, but in a new city, a new race and a new iconic tower!


Vertical running is stair climbing at speed, up some of the world’s tallest business and residential towers. Forget the lift. This a challenge that you can literally take step-by-step to achieve your goal.

Now that Ho Chi Minh City is home to the world’s 14th tallest tower – Landmark 81 – and has been newly added by the International Sky running Federation to the Vertical World Circuit for the very first time, you, as an amateur athlete, have the opportunity to Race To The Summit.

Amateur runners have the option to enter the half-distance climb of 48-floors, or take on the full-distance climb of 81-floors right to the very top of our great city.

And what’s up there? A sense of accomplishment and that feeling that you’re on top of the world!

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